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Recipe: Kale with Smoked Sausage

kale with smoked sausage

kale with smoked sausage

Recipe: Kale with Smoked Sausage

It’s a stretch to call this a “recipe” but nonetheless here it is.




Smoked sausage

Wash and coarsely chop the kale, set aside. ┬áSlice the sausage and fry in a medium hot pan until it begins to brown. Take the sausage out of the pan and set aside. Add the kale to the pan and saute until it wilts down and gets tender. Put in a pinch of salt. Add a couple tablespoons of water if you need it, but not too much – this dish is not juicy. When kale is done to your taste then add the sausage back to the pan with the kale. Continue to stir and toss the kale and sausage around until everything is piping hot. Enjoy!

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  1. I can get smoked sausage at a meat bulk store for cheap…and I am always looking for new ways to cook it… Thanks for the recipe. As soon as I saw the picture, I said, “Mmmm, that looks yummy!”

  2. That looks delicious! I can’t wait to try it out and see if my kids will eat it!

  3. benjitwospirit says:

    I would get up some onion and/or garlic with the sausage. Maybe even experiment with some seasonings. Sage might be nice.

  4. Brandie says:

    Mmmm….made this and added a small summer squash to the mix. YUM! Served with deviled eggs and corn bread muffins.

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