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On the menu this week: March 11, 2013

2013-03-10 13.19.48

gorgeous pink Italian lettuce ‘Ciucca’ growing in the Sunshine for Dinner high tunnel


First veggie delivery of 2013!

So amazing! Today is our first veggie delivery from our new high tunnel/hoop house – we picked some delicious and healthful veggies for our customers. If you haven’t had a call from me about getting some veggies – don’t panic! These early harvests will be limited until we get a better feel for how the crops will recover and how much we will be able to pick each week. I can’t rely on the farmer’s markets to make up the difference or to add variety, as there aren’t many vendors selling right now. So everything in the bag needs to come from Sunshine for Dinner.  As the weather warms, the gardens will be growing faster and I will be able to add more families to my delivery list. So sooner or later, I will be calling.





March 11, 2013    What’s in the bag this week?

Farm Fresh Eggs

Green Onions

Lettuce ‘Red Sails’



Kale ‘Rainbow Lacinato’

Bok Choy



2013-03-10 13.23.33

bok choy



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