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On the menu: May 30, 2011 plus Green Tomato Salsa recipe

Red Onions

Chard ‘Sunshine Mix’



Green Tomatoes

Cayenne and Hungarian Wax Pepper (hot)


Spring Garlic

Green Beans ‘Roma 2’

Herb Bouquet

Farm fresh eggs


Fresh from the Garden Green Tomato Salsa

A Sunshine For Dinner original recipe!

Perfect for a relaxed Memorial Day meal.

Green tomatoes – a couple

Garlic – plenty

Cilantro – a bit

Fresh peppers – how spicy do you like it?

Red onion – a few tablespoons

Lemon or lime juice – a few tablespoons till it tastes bright

Salt – to taste


Run it all through the food processor until coarsely blended, or chop it up with a knife and mix it in a bowl. Enjoy!


I think I put all you need in the bag – except the lemon or lime juice. What you really need here is an acid to balance the flavors, so if you need to, substitute some kind of light colored vinegar, no balsamic! The color will be very unappetizing!


Garlic: This is spring garlic – uncured, just freshly pulled from the soil. Very easy to peel, very delicious, and needs to be kept refrigerated. My garlic crop is not looking too good this year, but the taste of spring garlic makes up for the disappointment.


You could also make fried green tomatoes if the salsa is not for you!



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