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February, 2011:

Watching your food grow – February 2011

This grassy looking stuff is newborn baby spinach.

After Christmas is over, we set about starting garden plants.  Our indoor lighted plant racks are filled with flats, and soon we can enjoy watching the seedlings emerge and grow.  Above is spinach, and those little clods of dirt stuck on some of the leaves are the seed coat, which split to allow the seedling to grow and is still clinging to the tip of the seed leaf.

Swiss Chard is beautiful straight from the seed - no waiting!

These Swiss Chard seedlings are in their full glory – there is a gold variety – “Bright Yellow,” a pink – “Magenta Sunset,” and a red – “Ruby Red.”  We created this mix from varieties purchased from Johnny’s Seeds.  I call it “Sunshine Mix.”  I hope it finds its way into all of our salad plates in the coming months.

These babies have all been moved outside to a greenhouse area, as they can tolerate the cool weather, and flats of tomatoes have taken their place indoors.

I know you all join me in hoping for a prolific year in the garden!

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Sunshine for Dinner – featured on Meet Local Green Peeps

When we think of “peeps” it is usually this kind

but in this case, Nao Ueda asks Arkansans great questions, like “What steps have you taken to be greener?” and “What are your favorite Arkansas businesses?”  Find out our answers at the blog GreenAR by the Day.  Here is a permalink to the interview.

Thanks, Nao, and keep the great info coming!

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