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May, 2009:

On the menu this week . . . May 18, 2009

New Potatoes

New Potatoes

Spring onions

New potatoes – ‘Yukon Gold,’ and Red La Sota’


Edible pod peas – sugarsnap and snow peas


Spring garlic


Farm fresh eggs

Our first vegetable delivery of the 2009 season!

I might be getting started too early, because the bag feels a little skimpy, but I will throw in something extra as soon as I can to make up for it.  I wanted to go ahead and get started because I have been getting a lot of calls and questions about when I’ll be showing up with veggies. But this is about 2 weeks earlier than we started last year.

Weather woes

Rain, rain, and more rain.  Oh, and let’s not forget hail.  And a 3 day power outage.  And a little sunshine would be appreciated by my growing plants.  Although the rain event we have been experiencing these last few weeks is over, the effects will linger.  There is still standing water in my garden.  The bugs are tremendous in variety and quantity.  Most plants are growing through their tattered leaves and broken stems sustained in the hail at the beginning of the rain onslaught.  The tomatoes and squash, for instance are pulling through and looking good.  Others either just didn’t make it at all, like the eggplant, which was totally crushed and destroyed, and the onions, which are alive but look terrible and won’t get any better.

Spring garlic

This is like the soft-shelled crab of the garlic world.  Peel off the outer layer and inside is the developing head of garlic.  The cloves are so tender that you can just chop up the whole thing and use it – no peeling.

This is a bit unorthodox, but we should enjoy this garlic while we can.  I am hoping that it continues to develop, but the soil is very wet and the appearance of the plants is unfortunately declining.  This is so disappointing, because we tripled our garlic production for this year based on positive feedback from last year’s crop.  We planted in the fall last year, it has been growing all winter and looking beautiful, and now the leaves are yellowing and they should still be growing vigorously.  Too wet!

Looking forward to a great season!

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