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Goats for sale!

Dairy Goats:

These babies are about 5 weeks old and are being bottle fed with fresh goat milk, supplemented with goat milk replacer as needed.  They are totally tame and very friendly.  They are brother and sister, out of a pure LaMancha doe and a pure Nubian buck.   Both parents are good milking stock.

Doe:  $100.00

We call her Sandy.  She has the nubby ears that result from some LaMancha/Nubian crosses – some LaManchas have no ears at all!  She has been dehorned.

Buck: $50.00

He is a handsome fellow.  The kids didn’t use much imagination when they named him “Billy”, but feel free to choose your own name.  Although he and Sandy are two of three born to the same mama, Billy has the long Nubian ears, inherited from his father.  He has been dehorned.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats:

I am eliminating my small herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats.  They are good little hardy goats, great for pets and eating brush.  I have a beautiful buck, very docile, for $75.00, and several does for $50.00 each.  Some are very small.  These goats are not bottle fed, affectionate goats, but they have been handled a lot and are not totally wild.  We interact with them on a daily basis.  If you are looking for goats to eat brush, these are an excellent choice.

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