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satisfaction: pleasure or contentment derived from the gratification of a desire, need, or appetite

happy pigs

happy pigs

satisfaction: pleasure or contentment derived from the gratification of a desire, need, or appetite

It isn’t often enough that I have a truly satisfying day, but it does happen from time to time.   The other day, Kandan and I finished the new pig pen in the cold, and the pigs were happy to find new ground, a little green stuff, and lots of roots and acorns to munch.  Building this pen was hard work.   My kids were very good all day and did not cause any trouble – they were basically on their own indoors, because pigs and children do not mix.  Kids love looking at pigs and feeding pigs, but moving pigs is always a potentially dangerous situation, and while our pigs are friendly, they are still big and strong.   You have to be prepared with a combination of patience and fast reflexes.  You have to make a plan that will ultimately produce the pig going from point A to point B without the use of brute force, because the pig is stronger than you, and your dog, and your fence.  Trying to handle pigs while your kids are asking for elaborate snacks, or help with their projects, or reporting their petty bickering, is frustrating and counterproductive.  But there was none of that, and I am pleased with our whole family for each doing their part to accomplish this task.  The kids did run a huge ball of string around everything in the playroom with about a thousand knots, but this is to be expected.

After we finished with the pigs, Kandan dug potatoes and we had the loveliest dinner of tiny chops from a lamb that we raised ourselves, and new potatoes, and very tasty sweet baby green peas (from the grocer’s freezer, I’m afraid – don’t get mad and email me with “where are my peas, I want peas” – I know and I am trying to grow them!  They have flowers . . .).  The chops are 2″ long at the most, just the tiniest things that you could never buy, the only way to get them is to grow the lamb and butcher it yourself.  I made a pan sauce with red wine and butter and a pinch of herbs (rosemary,parsley, garlic) left over from making sausage the day before (yes, we stay busy).  It was so delicious!

When I was washing the potatoes, I was reminded of a book I read a few years ago, about an Irish bartender who hates a man and wants to kill him – one of the reasons he hated the man was because he didn’t eat potato skins.  So that evening when we were eating dinner, my daughter didn’t want the potatoes, no big deal.  Kandan and I were talking and I told him about the book and went to the shelf, and a small miracle occurred and I found it.  Here is the passage from “Bogmail” by Patrick McGinley.

Eales was a fastidious feeder who never touched bacon rind or pork crackling or the thin veins of white fat that made the best gammon [bacon] so tasty.  He never ate the frizzled fat of grilled lamb chops or sirloin steak, nor the crisp earthy jackets of baked potatoes.  Normally he would not have blamed him for avoiding the latter because the jackets of some potatoes were rough with scabs and excrescences.  But Roarty’s potatoes were different, grown lovingly in the sandy soil by the estuary and smooth to the touch as sea scoured beach pebbles.  The man who was not moved to eat the jackets of such potatoes was nothing if not untrustworthy.  He was blind to the beauties of life and the true delights of a wholesome table.  He was probably a man who harboured evil thoughts against his neighbor, a man from whom wise men one and all would lock up their daughters, at least those of them who still retained their maidenheads [this turns out to be very true – there are some ‘adult themes’ in this book and they are very funny].  The outcome was inescapable; Eales must be destroyed.

That is what our potatoes were like – sea scoured beach pebbles.  So after reading this passage aloud and laughing over it, my daughter decided to try the potatoes!  The power of literature prevails.  And she liked them so much that she even ate all the leftovers the next day.  And that does make a momma satisfied.

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