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Salad at last!

Salad at last!
Posted by Georgiaberry Mobley at 10/21/2007 6:10 AM
Yes, it is just a little bit of salad, but it is the first of the season. As the weather cools, the lettuce will thrive. This variety, ‘Black Seeded Simpson’, is far too tender to be used commercially. The leaves would just disintegrate in shipping. This lettuce has been a southern garden favorite since its introduction in 1850. The baby chard is very much like spinach in a salad at this stage of development. Its crisp leaves lend some body to this delicate lettuce.
This salad has been washed and trimmed and is ready to eat. As the quantities in the garden increase, so will the quantities in the bag. So enjoy this first salad of the season! Try it with thinly slice pear and blue cheese – delicious! . . . And fancy – impress your friends!

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