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Watching your food grow

Watching your food grow
Posted by Georgiaberry Mobley at 8/8/2007 5:57 AM and is filed under uncategorized

Here are squash seedlings,
ready to be set out in the garden.

Squash are some of the most rewarding seedlings to grow – if you want to start a plant with a kid this is the one to try.  It is as close to instant gratification as it gets, I think.  The seeds are large and easy to handle, the germination is very rapid, only a few days (not like the parsley that you see in the empty packs in the picture – it can take three weeks or more to sprout).  When the sprout comes up, it is usually wearing the hard outer seed coat, like a hat.  You can see this in the picture, in the lower left, a tiny seedling with a patch of bright white.  The hat falls off, and the seed leaves emerge, joyously green and very distinct from the true leaf, which emerges a couple of days later.  I don’t know if squash sprouts are edible, but they look like they would be delicious, maybe sauteed.  I might have to try that!

So, this past weekend we set out squash and more tomatoes.  It is so hot that I can only stand to be out in the garden planting in the evening, and besides it is better for the seedlings not to be transplanted in the heat of the day.  We also have three kinds of beans growing, an Italian heirloom bean “Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco,” a french fillet bean, and a snap bean.  I have some very tiny seedlings in pots for the scallions we will be eating this winter (hopefully!).

So that’s some of what is going on in the garden this morning . . .

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