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Posted by Georgiaberry Mobley at 8/1/2007 7:06 AM and is filed under uncategorized

This is why gardeners love to read seed catalogs – anticipation.  Mmmmm, what are we going to grow so that we can EAT IT!  I don’t see why I should have all the fun – you’ll be eating it, too.

So here is some of what I am ordering to plant for fall and winter.

First and foremost is SALAD, and I mean lettuce, red and green, romaine and buttercrunch, mixed baby greens and whole heads and mini heads and big leaves for making wraps, and mesclun – a spicy eureopean salad mix.  We have a grower with a greenhouse, so we should have access to lettuce all winter.

Then we will have finger food – and by that I mean veggies that you can just eat raw and fresh, like carrots (3 kinds) and radishes (‘Easter Egg’ and ‘Icicle’ and french breakfast types), and sugar pod peas and snow peas – kids love these peas, they are like garden candy.

We will be trying brocolli and cauliflower – ours is not the ideal climate for these but nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say.

And scallions.

And greens – I long for greens during the heat of summer.  Besides our southern favorites, turnip greens and mustard greens (don’t worry, I’ll walk you through the prep for these, and they are delicious) we will have the asian greens that I love – bok choi, for instance – and kale and swiss chard (see the picture above).  Also beet greens and the beautiful beets that go with them, including the ‘Chiogga’ beet that is the gourmet favorite.  If you have only ever suffered through a beet from a can, you are going to be amazed, and they are packed with nourishment.  And it is a little tricky, but we are going for spinach, probably in the early spring, not this fall.

And whatever else we find that is good to eat!

We are entering a lull right now – in between the flush of summer crops and the onset of later plantings, when the oppressive heat is hard on the grower and plants alike.  It is times like this that it helps to look to the future – anticipation!

Oh and speaking of anticipation, I am buying lots of baby chicks in the next few weeks because the demand for eggs is huge!  Rhode Island Red brown egg laying hens is what I am going for, and I found them locally so they don’t have to suffer through the mail.  They will be raised from hatching with plenty of space and a clean pen so there is no need for the routine antibiotics that factory produced chickens get.  I’ll post a picture of the chicks when I get them.  So cute!  About a month from now . . .then a few months more until they begin to lay eggs.  Lots of eggs!

What do you want to eat?  Email me at or call 870-653-3062 or leave a comment and we’ll consider the possibilities.

Disclaimer! — Please keep in mind that there are many variables when growing and I am not promising any of these veggies – but I am promising that, like always, I am doing my best to grow healthy delicious produce for all of us, and it usually works out!

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