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Baby Goat – extreme cuteness

Baby Goat – extreme cuteness
Posted by Georgiaberry Mobley at 7/31/2007 5:57 AM and is filed under uncategorized

Cecily and Cookie

This little goat is doing well and it is fun to watch her prancing about following her mama, Ginger.  Another doe, Calico,  is about to deliver any time.  I’m sure since a torrential rainstorm is headed our way it will be today!  Goats like to be inconvenient whenever they can.  Hope all goes well.

We purchased these Nigerian Dwarf goats about six weeks ago for the purpose of clearing brush.  This is part of our farm principle “Let Animals Do Work.”   We fenced an overgrown area with cattle panels and turned in three goats and three sheep, and they have eaten everything down in about a month.  We can now go in and cut out the small saplings (mostly sweetgum and sassafras) and knock down what is left of the wild blackberry bramble and fox grape, and then mow the area, and then it will be ready for whatever use is coming next – growing veggies for you, no doubt.  The goats and sheep will be moved on to the next area, in this case right next to where they are now.

Here is another cute goat picture.

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