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A look inside the bag . . .

A look inside the bag . . .
Posted by Georgiaberry Mobley at 7/20/2007 4:22 PM and is filed under uncategorized

Whats in the bag?

What's in the bag?

In the previous entry there is a list of the contents of the bag – here I spread it out on the table and took a picture.  Remember – the bag is different each week!  This is just an example of what was in the bag on one particular and unique week.  Probably no combination will ever be repeated.

I think this was the last week for blackberries.  The season is over.  I don’t know what fruit we’ll have next week – maybe none.  Maybe I’ll find some melons.   I can get asian pears, but I don’t think they are ready yet.  I fear the peach situation is dire due to this spring’s late April frost, but I am asking around.  And they are not going to be organic – certified or otherwise.  I haven’t met anyone here locally that can produce any quantity of marketable peaches without having to treat some fungus or blight  or something.  Peaches are a hard crop to grow, and expensive to grow also.  I’ll keep you posted.

To place an order call 870-653-3062  by Wednesday for delivery on Friday of that week.

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